Friday, November 14, 2014

Euro-Trip - MJ Style!

Hi everyone, 

Welp, this is frustrating. I have tried to write this blog about 3 times and neither times did it save! So here we go again.  

I AM DOING A EURO TRIP! Clearly, I am excited. Since I am done with school essentially (waiting for my final grades) and I am moving back to the US, I figured this was probably going to be the only time for me to get to see Europe. Now, I am not doing one of those epic "3 months around Europe" - ain't nobody got the time (thank you UK VISA) or the money (the exchange rate thoooooo) for all that. But I am going to travel for about 2 weeks. 

I am going to try to blog my way though this. haha I know, I know that is what I said about Scotland and I didn't but hopefully I will keep up the motivation and I think I will have to time. But don't expect anything epic, I am not a writer or a storyteller. Its almost ironic, since I have choosen the field of social science and I am not a writer :/

So where am I going?
1. Berlin, Germany
2. Prague, Czech Republic
3. Rome, Italy
4. Naples (Napoli), Italy
5. Barcelona, Spain

There was no real idea behind why I choose these destinations - on the exception of Barcelona (I am in love with Spanish food!). When I initally wrote this I spoke about Prague and its interesting history and my interest from a social standpoint but I think I will leave that for later. 

Now, who are you going with Michelle? Welp, noone actually - just me, myself and I. While I am resigned to it, it is kind of a security issue, one and two, a personal issue. From a secutiry standpoint, I am alone, in countries where I neither know anyone or know the language - kind of intimidating. We all saw Hostel or Taken right? I don't have Liam Neeson to save me from being sold into the sex slave industry (yes, that is real). But that might be my American paranoa - I have noticed the way I see things is EXTREMELY different from how people here see it. Anyway, I should stop before I make my mom cry. I should be fine - I will remember to be aware and don't go anywhere alone (especially at night), I should be fine. 

I think personally, I am more afraid of being alone with myself on "vacation". My mind says you go on walks alone, or maybe a day or 2 to get away but not weeks. But it seems very common here to do "solo travel" or at least that is what I am being told - I am not sure. I recently met a girl, who did it in the States and East Asia. There are many blogs with tips and tricks to help ensure you have a good time. Apparently you get the chance to meet lots of people and it can be quite enjoyable. I am not sold on it at all but only time will tell. I am not staying in one of those hostel with rooms of 6, 12 or 16 people so I don't know about all of this mingling, but again only time will tell. 

I actually won't be alone in Berlin - I am going to say with a friend George! George is dating one of my best friends and fellow LOTA, Mary He is there for a semester for grad school! I am grateful to be starting with a familar face.

The Three of Us at my Christmas Party! 

Anyway, overall despite the fears, I am super excited! I am sitting here with my Euro-stype backpack, (curtesy of my awesome flatemate) - eating a prezel and chicken patty, (actually a great combination -way to go for my 1st german meal), feeling hopeful about the next couple of weeks.

Until next time! 


PS - I am doing this on my iPad so it is going to be super simple and the spell check doesn't alert me to there may be typos - I will fix those and the hyperlinks later. 


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