Friday, November 14, 2014

Always on that American Struggle Bus!

Hello from Cologne! 

Now for the Americans out there, has anyone ever heard of Cologne? Maybe I am an idiot but I never took a class on European cities, so my geographical understanding of Europe, past France maybe, is lacking I am sure. Actually when I first came to school here, I bought a massive world map for my wall so that I could familiarize myself with many of the countries we were discussing. 

Anyway, I had a 4 hour layover in a place called Cologne? Which is....? *google search* Its in Germany! Since it is painfully clear that I don't know where I am, I decided to look up Cologne and learn a bit more about it. 

Cologne in 5 Facts!
1. Cologne is the 4th largest city in Germany and one of its oldest.
2. It is a popular toursit destination due to its over 40 museums, 100 art gallaries and one of the largest shopping streets in Europe. 
3. It has a museum completly dedicated to Chocolate.
4. It has its own beer called Kolsch.
5. It holds one of the largest Pride events in Europe!

Pretty cool right!? 

I decided to learn about this all while sitting by the window having a "German meal' of a fried chicken patty and a prezel (this is where I wrote my last post as well). 

I am not sure if this is a traditional meal but it was on the menu and the lady told me that you would have the patty with either bread or the prezel - most people get the prezel. It was yummy! I was going to have a drink but they only have beer (obviously!), no cider :( 

Its time to get on my flight to Berlin! 

Freilos! (bye)


 PS. Anyone have any apps that I should get for my travels? I will have cell coverage in some countries and not in others. 


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