Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our 1st Night Out!

Soooo after our day of fun myself and my classmates, Hedda, Stella and Ivica went out for our 1st night out! Yahoooooo!!! Initially we began at a pub (because that is really popular here) called Scotts on Rose Street. Rose Street is a "street" directly behind Princes Street in Edinburgh. It reminds me of a long alley full of pubs, restaurants and small shops. It was cool!

Ps. One thing to note about Edinburgh is that the shops and cafe's and stuff close SUPER EARLY! Like by 7 and even earlier on weekends. I am sure that is not the case everywhere but on Princes Street and the surrounding area, yup. I suspect it is so that people can get home or head out to the pubs and bars. They love their fun here! ;)

Anyway, at Scotts we grabbed drinks and had a seat to wait for the band to start. Scotts is a small intimate type bar, perfect for a date night or something. There were couples and groups of all ages and the band was great. They played rock but then moved into some funk music. It was really cool.

Stella, Hedda and me at Scotts 

After our classmate joined us we went to Market Street because there was supposed to be an international student party at a club there. But we stopped at a placed called Electric Circus (EC). EC is an both a club and a karaoke bar, with karaoke rooms in the back.

As we entered we noted that it was awfully quite for a "club".... Then I noticed that many of the guys were dressed very well and the girls were dressed in dresses that reminded me of The Great Gatsby. Strange again for a night club. BUT then I heard The Beach Boys or some band from that time. It was the strangest thing EVER! A nightclub that was playing music from the 60's? From Greece 2 playing on the large screen (AKA the worlds WORST musical movie) to the DJ, who was Rebel Wilsons doppelgänger, to the rather large crowd bouncing about...My senses were on overload, I had never witnessed anything like it. WHERE was I? WHAT was happening? Is this how europeans partied? Did they not know that the 90's and 2000's had occurred?

As the night progressed the music fluctuated from 40's ballads, to 70's music (they even played the Austen Powers theme song).  Either way it was an experience, I suppose. We left around 1:45 so that we could catch our various buses home. One thing about Edinburgh is that they have a great bus system. All in all it was a strange but interesting night.

Next weekend or perhaps the following weekend, we are going to Glascow!



TheGoldenGoddess said...

Oh, goodness, Michelle!!!

I absolutely am green with envy right now! Mercy! The pictures are worth a 1,000 more exquisite words from the ones you already shared. I LOVE IT! You are in Scotland! I've never been to Europe, but I'll be visiting one of these fine days.

HELLO to Hedda and Stella. They are lovely, all three of you are, actually! And you're simply GLOWING! I know your glow is from pure, unadulterated joy. Mine would be from the menopausal HEAT...but I'd be scintillating nonetheless!!!

I can hardly wait to continue this journey with you! Just let me know when we will do your INTERVIEW on the Claudia Moss LIVE Show! Maybe you can have Hedda and Stella present, so they can share their feelings, too!


Love ya,


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