Sunday, September 29, 2013

A really emotionally tough week....

It has been a rough week. I am still trying to grapple with whether I want to share what happened this week or not. It is hard with a blog because my original intention was to be very candid about how I feel, what I experience, the good and the bad. But I am wondering if that is a good idea or not. You never know who will find your blog 10 years from now or maybe a potential employer. Also, it still makes me want to cry a little bit so maybe I will share it at a later date. 

BUUUUTTTTTT you know what has gotten me through? A. Talking to my amazing family back home! They have been really great - answering my calls at awkward times (sorry about that), making me laugh - just amazing! And B. My happy board. Before I left I printed like 50+ of my favorite shots from home! They are now attached firmly to my message board above my desk. When I am feeling a bit sad or missing home, I love to look at it!

My Happy Board!

In better news, the girls and I went out for a night on the town! On Thursday, we went for drinks at The Black Cat on Roses Street. Unlike the black cat back home, this one is like a quaint country themed bar, with all wood paneling, live folk/country music and friendly staff. Oh and they are pet friendly! I loved it! One thing about this country is that they love to sit and chat - it is so sociable. Hopefully I will come home with some great convo skills.

We then proceeded to an American Cowboy Party hosted by one the of the international student associations here on Thursday. Now from we saw online usually these parties are hopping! But we must have missed the memo about this one, because it was not good! The DJ was a hotttttt mess and so wasn't fun. Plus the place smelled weird! 

Partners in Crime! 

In other news....I am still waiting for one of these to show up! ; )
Got to love a man in a Kilt!
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Wendy Luane Barber said...

Don't forget to take pics when 'one of those' shows up.

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