Saturday, October 26, 2013

Boys, Boys, Boys

Or the lack there of! Today a friend of mine asked me what was happening on the men front here in Scotland. I was a bit ashamed to say there is nothing happening. It is the probably one of the questions people as me the most about - "Ohhhh how are the men!? HOTT!?" But I just don't really know. We all know I am a bit of an awkward turtle but I go out, have fun, dance like most people but nope, nothing!

Shanghai Nightclub in Edinburgh 

See! FUN FUN FUN! On one hand I am not surprised, I am a real rarity in this country (0.2% of population is considered Black, Black Scottish, Black British including African, Caribbean). But on the other hand I am sort of shocked.

But I think this speaks to a bigger problem that I am having, which I sort of anticipated - I don't have any Scottish friends (BUT I do have friends!). But I am not exaggerating, on the exception of my one classmate, I don't know a single Scottish person. How do most college students meet people? During orientation or school functions. But my program just had events within my specific school and so I don't know anyone else who goes here (other than my flatmates). When I go out, I am with my classmates but we never meet anyone from Scotland. How is that possible!? What does that mean?

Anyone have any suggestions?! I sort of don't know how to remedy the situation.

Well there is always hoping that one of these show up soon ; )
 (PS. do you know how long it took me to find a black man in a kilt!? AGES!)



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