Monday, January 20, 2014

New Years Resolutions

I know, I know, it has been a looooonnnnnggggg time since I have put up a blog. I had a family emergency and had to leave school and Scotland early in November to return to the States. But I have some blogs that I wrote about the previous semester that I will post soon.

BUT....I do want to say, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had an a amazing holiday season.

So like most people, every year you make new years resolutions. So below are mine! They are not super life-changing but it is nice to have a list to refer to!

Michelle's New Years Resolutions!

1. Be More Honest - about my feelings in regards to school, friends, family everything!

2. Go Out More/Be More Social - Super vague, I know but the only way to meet people in general is to NOT be in my house. I need to use my organisation skills and schedule in time to be out and have fun and then actually do it : /

3. Go Exploring - I created a Pintest board with all the places I want to go! Got any suggestions? LET ME KNOW!
        But I did by a ticket to London, Bath and the castle where Downtown Abbey is filmed, so that is    
        a start!

4. Get back in to Theatre - I feel like it has been too long (2 years..WHAT) since I have had any involvement in Theatre. The hard thing with my school is that there is a theatre society (group) but I think it is geared towards undergraduates, but I should still check.

5. Go to the Gym Regularly!

6. Create and stick to a Budget! - I have an app for it and now I am going to use it!

7. To Wear More Colour - I have notice my closet has gotten darker and darker over the past year. Gone are the days of fun festive prints, replaced with dark greys and blacks. I am not even sure when or how it happened! So I want to try to wear more colour, at least once a week or when I go out, something.

I am going to make a motivation board for these to make sure I remember to stick to this!



Sistergirl said...

Don't just make a list do something about it. The first easy thing you can do is wear some color. You can even go to a thrift store and buy a really bright shirt. If you don't like it donate it back to the store.

anewmsjones said...

Very True! Just grabbed a patterned dress from Primark today! But a thrift store is a great idea too!

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